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poll Summary

Eating-Out: In or Out?

With Unlock 1.0 and 2.0 in action, the restaurants are now ready to serve their sumptuous delicacies to food-lovers all over. The question, however, is whether people are ready for this experience or not. Everyone is already sceptical of ordering food at home, but with the dine-in services being back on the menu, no one really knows what's up in the minds of the consumers. So, conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,309 respondents whether they had started going out to restaurants or were planning to go anytime soon. 30.34% of the respondents say that they haven't been to any restaurant and are quite sure that they might not step into one this year. 25.14% of the respondents have started going to restaurants as they couldn't wait any longer, while 30.70% of the respondents who haven't been to one are planning to go very soon. 13.81% of the respondents have gone out once or twice but say that they will avoid it as much as they can. Precaution, it seems, is the flavour of the year.

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Since a lot of places have started opening up, have you started going out to restaurants yet?
No. I might not this entire year.(30.35%)
Yes. Couldn't wait any longer.(25.15%)
No. But I'm planning to go soon.(30.71%)
Yes, once or twice. But I'll avoid as much as I can.(13.81%)
Votes: 3308

The Spread of Coronavirus and Vegetarianism

Coronavirus is not just a virus that infects the respiratory tract. It also impacts the minds of the people by instilling fear and multitudes of unanswered questions. It has brought about an alteration in our lifestyles , the way used to move, work, party, and eat. Yes, eat. One of the changes seen with the spread of coronavirus is in the dietary habits of people. There is now a significant shift in the food choices people make, and we conducted a poll with 3,178 people to check the extent to which the spread of COVID-19 had affected the consumption of non-vegetarian food. 23.13% of the respondents have modified their eating habits and switched to a vegetarian diet, while 46.07% of the respondents love non-vegetarian food too much to give it up. 14.66% of the respondents have altered their diets and now stick to a vegetarian and a seafood selection only. Some people (11.83%) were always vegetarian, while some (4.31%) have now turned vegan.

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Has the spread of Corona changed the consumption of non-vegetarian food for you?
Yes. I now prefer to eat vegetarian food only.(23.13%)
No. I can't quit non-vegetarian food ever.(46.07%)
Yes. I prefer vegetarian and seafood only.(14.66%)
I was always a vegetarian.(11.83%)
I have turned vegan recently.(4.31%)
Votes: 3178

Coronavirus: 2020s Biggest Horror Story?

Coronavirus has instilled a fear in the minds of all. For some, this fog is lifting while for some, the horror story seems to continue. Not many people are ready to leave the safety of their homes to return to their normal routines. Restaurants and shopping malls are not their usual busy selves; they are desperately waiting for customers to come back and splurge like they used to. Conducting a poll on the same, we at Opinion Bureau asked 3,335 respondents whether they think that the scare of the virus is dying down amongst people or not. 60.90% of the respondents think that the scare is going down as people are acting like everything is back to normal. 17.06% of the respondents don't agree with the motion but feel that it is high time people realise the facade of the virus. 11.24% of them think that maybe the scare is receding as coronavirus isn't such a big deal while 10.79% of the respondents cannot comment on the situation yet. It seems, therefore, the fear induced by the biggest horror story of 2020 will leave some more nightmares in its wake. 


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Do you think the scare of Corona has drowned down amongst people?
Yes. People are acting like everything is alright.(60.92%)
No. I think it's time to realise it was all fakel (17.07%)
Maybe. Corona isn't a big deal.(11.25%)
Can't say.(10.8%)
Votes: 3334

Is productivity down in the lockdown?

One thing that has been the only constant in the lockdown is change. Everything from our mood and eating habits to sleeping patterns and work-wear has seen a massive alteration. And it isn't only our lifestyle that has witnessed a monumental transformation but also the way we used to work. The question of our productivity in the new work-from-home regime is one of the biggest concerns during the lockdown. So, with work from home becoming a new normal, we asked 3,494 respondents whether working from home had affected their productivity in any way. Most of the respondents (34.03%) say that the new working schedule has, in fact, helped them get more productive. 32.66% of the respondents, on the other hand, feel that they were more productive in the office while 22.04% of them believe that not much has changed. 11.28% of the respondents, however, can't seem to decide whether their productivity has undergone any modification in the lockdown or not. To sum it all up, we can safely conclude that work quality hasn't suffered much due to the lockdown as most of the people have found ways to either maintain or boost their productivity.


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Has working from home affected your productivity?
It has helped me get more productive(34.03%)
I'm more productive in office(32.66%)
It's the same for me(22.04%)
Can't say.(11.28%)
Votes: 3494

Getting back to life

What is the new normal? The world is still grappling between the pre-Coivd-19 memories and the current Coivd-19 reality. The lockdown, masks, and hand sanitizers have inevitably become an integral part of our life; we, however, can't get over the world where we could go out without a mask! The lockdown is being lifted by many countries, but no one really knows how things will pan out. Consequently, conducting a poll on the same, we asked 3,379 people what they had to say about this. 50.34% of the respondents do not think of this as a wise move as they believe that with an ease in the lockdown, coronavirus cases will shoot up. 25.30% of respondents harbour a contrary view as they feel this will help boost the economy. For 18.76% of the people, this is a welcome relief as they are bored in their homes while 5.59% of them think that coronavirus is a hyped affair  for them, it's not a big deal at all. With such mixed reviews, it seems, therefore, that getting back to our old lives will not be that easy.

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Now that countries are lifting up lockdown, how do you think it will play out?
It's a relief. We were so bored at home.(18.76%)
It might be a bad idea. The spread of Corona might increase.(50.36%)
It's a good idea. It will help economy(25.3%)
Corona is over hyped. It's not a big deal.(5.59%)
Votes: 3380

The Virtual Reality of Covid-19

The modern world could not be more grateful than it is today for the boon of technology. Amidst this lockdown, it is our go-to solution for everything. Call it a 3 a.m. friend or a hunger-satiating partner, the internet has kept us sane all this while. And more importantly, it has kept the world and businesses running. People are now connecting via video conferencing apps to conduct meetings and deliver their work. So, we at Opinion Bureau thought of carrying-out a poll to gauge which video conferencing app has proven to be the most helpful in these trying times. Out of the 3,133 respondents we asked, the popular vote goes to Zoom with 36.42% respondents vouching for it. It is then followed by Skype For Business (21.07%), Google Meet (16.69), and Google Hangouts (12.58%). Other small players include Cisco Webex (3.64%), Go To Meeting (2.90%), Blue Jeans (2.39%), Uber Conference (1.79%), and Slack (1.24%). The list doesn't end there; even smaller players like BigBlueButton and Appear.In share the load with 0.83% and 0.45% of votes, respectively. It seems, therefore, that a lot of apps and trust are behind the successful functioning of thousands of companies and at large, our economy.

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Which of the following video conferencing app is widely used by your company ?
Google Hangouts(12.6%)
Google Meet(16.69%)
Skype For Business(21.06%)
Cisco Webex(3.64%)
Blue Jeans(2.39%)
. BigBlueButton(0.83%)
Uber Conference(1.79%)
Votes: 3134

Living the Work from Home Lifestyle

Our usually fast-paced life  rushing to office, going from one meeting to the other, brainstorming with colleagues, strategising, debating, and planning  has come to an unfortunate stop. All offices had no other option but to adapt rapidly to the work-from-home regime to sustain. The employees, on the other hand, were assigned to cope with the daily demands of the job. So, to understand how these employees were managing work, we conducted a poll with 3,219 respondents. We asked how work from home was panning out for them to which 33.33% of respondents say their workload has become considerably lighter. Some of the respondents (30.88%) are experiencing something quite opposite as they believe that they are working more while some (11.56%) do not like working from home at all. 12.55% of the respondents have yet to figure out this current lifestyle as they can't say much on the subject. And sadly enough, 11.68% of the people have been laid-off by their respective companies.

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How is working from home working out for you so far?
I am working more than I used to in office.(30.88%)
My workload has become lighter(33.33%)
I have been laid off(11.68%)
I do not like working from home.(11.56%)
Can't say(12.55%)
Votes: 3219

The New College Life with Coronavirus in Life

2020 began not only with an outbreak of the coronavirus but also with an outbreak of massive confusion and anxiety. All activities, be it business or recreational, came to a halt. And as a result, so did the college admissions. Students who were supposed to get admissions into college this year stand clueless about their future. All their plans have gone haywire, and we thought we would try to understand their concerns better by carrying out a quick poll. We asked 3,306 students how things had changed for them after the onset of the pandemic to which 28.86% say that the colleges are shut, and they have no idea as to the status of the new admission cycle. 26.47% of the respondents say that the admissions have been completed and the classes are being conducted online. 10.65% of the students couldn't give their entrance exams, and 14.58% of the students say that the colleges are shut but the admissions are taking place online. A significant minority comprising of 19.45% of the respondents are still confused and can't say much on the subject. For them, clarity and college life seem to be a far-fetched dream. 

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Were you planning or preparing to go to college this year? How have things changed for you?
Colleges are shut. We have no idea about new admissions.(28.86%)
Admissions are done but the classes are happening online.(26.47%)
We couldn't give entrance exams because of the outbreak.(10.65%)
Colleges are shut. But admissions are happening online.(14.58%)
Can't say(19.45%)
Votes: 3306

Catching-Up on The Beauty Sleep

Our daily routines have gone for a toss since the day the lockdown began. No longer do we set alarms, only to be snoozed multiple times, before we leave our beds. There's now no rush to beat the maddening office-hour rush on roads. And there is definitely no need to gobble-down our breakfast to reach office on time. The lockdown has lulled it all. So, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a poll to check the magnitude of this lull in people's lives. We asked 4,250 respondents how many hours they sleep in a day. Most of the respondents (45.51%) say that they sleep for 8 hours on an average while 26.61% sleep for 6 hours and 18.99% for a solid 10 hours. Some people break this record and sleep for an even longer duration. 5.58% of the respondents sleep for 12 hours and 1.65% of them for 14 hours straight. There exists yet another sleep-loving lot who exceeds this duration much to the annoyance of their parents, we presume who sleep for 16 hours (0.82%) and more (0.85%).

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On an average how much are you sleeping these days?
6 hours (26.61%)
8 hours(45.51%)
10 hours(18.99%)
12 hours(5.58%)
14 hours(1.65%)
16 hours(0.82%)
More than 16 hours(0.85%)
Votes: 4250