Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How can 5G Technology impact the airline industry?
More Efficient(28.06%)
Improved security (17.72%)
Enhanced AI(8.92%)
All the above(38.33%)
None of the above(6.96%)
Votes: 7898
United States: 103 Closed on: 15-Mar-2022

Improved Flying with 5G?


With a great next-generation network comes great responsibility. Like what is expected to happen with the spread of 5G technology. The rollout of this fifth-generation wireless network has sparked many debates. While one group is vociferously speaking about its ill effects, the other group is ready to reap the benefits of this technology. And one of the many industries that will feel the impact of the 5G technology is the airline industry. To better understand what people make of this change, we conducted a poll with 7,899 respondents. 28.05% believe the airline industry will become more efficient, 17.72% say it will improve security, and 8.93% think 5G will significantly enhance artificial intelligence. 38.33% vote for all three options mentioned above, and the remaining 6.96% pick none of the above. It seems for most people, the benefits of 5G technology outweigh its cost.