Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What’s your favourite breakfast?
Fruit loops(3.79%)
Corn flakes(14.84%)
Bacon and eggs(22.89%)
Votes: 8100
United States: 92 Closed on: 12-May-2022

What?s For Breakfast?

The best thing about getting up in the morning is getting breakfast! It is the most essential meal of the day, giving you all the energy you need to get through your day. To add to it, if it is a yummy breakfast meal, it also keeps you happy throughout the day. So, we thought we could conduct a poll to see which is the most-favourite breakfast choice among people. Out of the 8,099 respondents we asked, 22.88% love Bacon and Eggs, 15.15% opt for a healthy option ? Fruits, and 14.84% vote for the classic Corn Flakes. 13.14% love warm and fluffy Pancakes, 9.38% reach out to Muesli, and 6.99% prefer Cereals. While 3.84% of the respondents favour the wholesome Granola, 3.79% love their fruity Fruit Loops. And lastly, we have a group of respondents (9.99%) who prefer some other foods not mentioned on the list as their favourite breakfast meal.