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Do you favour Indian government's two child policy for India?
I don't care(19.55%)
Votes: 9629
United States: 135 Closed on: 03-Aug-2021

India?s Two-Child Policy: Go or A No-Go?

With India's population at 1,395,457,353 as of Monday, August 23, 2021, it isn't surprising that the government has a two-child policy in place in India. With a population explosion that perhaps happened years ago, it only makes sense to introduce measures to control the same. To manage this continental-sized nation with its ever-growing population is no easy task. Because with each added individual comes responsibilities, utilities that have to be procured or produced and supplied. People, however, always have an opinion of their own on every subject. Conducting a poll on this issue, we asked 9,629 respondents if they are in favour of the Indian Government's two-child policy or not. The majority of the respondents (41.55%) oppose the motion, while 38.90% stand in favour. A significant group of people, though, respond with a callous I don't care.