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How do you like your coffee?
Cappuccino (48.49%)
Espresso shots(4.91%)
Iced Coffee(6.65%)
Votes: 7307
United States: 117 Closed on: 08-Nov-2021

Coffee or Life-Saving Elixir?

For many, coffee is not just about some roasted coffee beans in piping hot water with a dash of milk or cream and sugar. It's a magical concoction that gives them the energy to get going. And for those who believe it, they are quite picky about how they take their cup of coffee. Much to the level of OCD where every ingredient has to be measured precisely and should hit the right temperature. Carrying out a poll on the same, we asked 7,308 respondents how they like their cup of coffee. For 48.49% of the respondents, it's a warm cup of Cappuccino; for 18.04%, it's Latte; and for 6.92%, it's Americano. 6.65% love Iced Coffee, 6.54% prefer a chocolaty Mocha, 4.91% like straight-up Espresso Shots, and 3.85% favor Frappuccino. Lastly, 4.60% drink Other variants of coffee