Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How will you get in touch with your father on Father’s Day?
See him in person(58.15%)
Phone call(24.02%)
Video Conferencing(9.23%)
Email/Text message(8.59%)
Votes: 12118
United States: 112 Closed on: 29-Jun-2022

Father's Day Gift


The best possible Father's Day gift for any dad is just spending some quality time with their kids. A child's bond with their father is always special. They might not communicate much, but a father's presence in one's life is beyond words. As we grow up, we get busy with our lives, sadly and invariably drifting away with our dads. Father's Day is a welcome excuse to touch base with our fathers. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 12,118 respondents how they plan to get in touch with their fathers on Father's Day. Amazingly, 58.15% will personally visit them, and 24.02% will ensure they connect with them via a phone call. 9.23% of the respondents reveal they will get in touch on a video call, and 8.59% will drop in a text or an email.