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Who makes the household decisions at your home ?
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United States: 91 Closed on: 15-Aug-2022

Who Holds the Reins of Your Household?

Running a household is not as simple as it seems. The decisions can be as small as picking the brand of tea or as big as choosing the right school for the kid in the house. After all, it is these choices that make a house a home. At Opinion Bureau, we wanted to understand with whom this decision-making capacity usually lies. So, we conducted a poll with 9,673 respondents, asking them who runs their home. 37.81% say their mothers have the final word, while 22.05% say it�s their wives. 21.38% say the father is the final decision maker, and 13.18% leave it to their husbands. The poll also revealed that in some households it's the sister (3.42%) and the brother (2.16%) who have the power.