Polls Summary

What do you expect the most from your dream job?
Work life balance (50.35%)
Fair compensation (22.31%)
Equality (14.39%)
Votes: 8080
United States: 118 Closed on: 29-Nov-2021

Dream Job Expectations

Everyone has an ideal job in mind  what it would be, how it will give them a chance to pursue their passions, how life will automatically smoothen out after it, and so much more. Come to think of it, people's expectations from their dream jobs keep varying, but some things remain constant for all. Like attaining job satisfaction or finding great learning opportunities. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 8,080 respondents what their expectations from their dream jobs are. For 50.35% of the respondents, it is all about finding the right work-life balance (which we, too, feel is one of the most integral aspects of our life). Next on the list is fair compensation (22.31%) and equality at the workplace (14.39%). And last but definitely not least is receiving recognition in one's job as 12.95% of the respondents think this is equally important.