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Polls Summary

Do you know how to drive a car?
I’m learning(21.44%)
Votes: 13117
United States: 115 Closed on: 14-Jun-2022

The Driving Poll

 Despite a solid public transportation system in India, millions of people prefer to commute in their cars. People find it easier, quicker, and definitely more comfortable. So, what once was a luxury is more of a necessity in the 21st century. To arrive at a number, we at Opinion Bureau conducted a quick poll with 13,118 respondents. We asked them whether they know how to drive a car or not, to which the majority replied in the affirmative. 63.69% of the respondent know how to drive a car, while 14.87% do not know how to drive one. A significant group of respondents, however, say they are currently learning their way around the car.