Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you think the quality of online education graduates are alike traditional education graduates?
Strongly Agree(12.26%)
Strongly Disagree(9.02%)
Votes: 5699
United States: 130 Closed on: 16-May-2021

Does the Mode of Education Matter?


The most valuable possession one can own is education. It gives a perspective to view things in life, helping one grow into a better human being. What makes all the difference is to get access to quality education. With the changing times, however, the means of education are also evolving. From classroom learning, students have switched to online learning. But a few debates are floating around this subject as some people are skeptical about the quality of online educated graduates compared to traditionally educated graduates. On conducting a poll with 5,699 respondents on this topic, we found that 29.65% agree and 12.26% strongly agree that the education received from both the mediums are alike. A significant group comprising 22.25% of the respondents hold a neutral stance on this topic. While some respondents are not so confident about the online mode of education as 26.82% disagree and 9.02% strongly disagree with the statement posed.