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What is the best email sign-off?
Best wishes (10.18%)
Votes: 8877
United States: 94 Closed on: 24-Mar-2022

The Best Email Sign-Offs

Emails are the modern version of letters. They ease the entire process of communication, promoting transparency and accountability. Its importance in modern times is such that no business can function without emails. This is the reason why a lot of thought is given to every sentence, comma, and full-stop. For the sender, crafting an email with precision becomes a priority as it reflects them and their organization. Its centrality in human life is such that it is also part of school curriculums now. From the subject line to the content to the sign-off line, everything is given due attention. So, we thought we'll conduct a poll with 8,877 respondents to see how people prefer to close their emails. 40.26% choose to end their emails with a warm yet formal Regards, 29.19% prefer Sincerely, 20.37% favor Thanks, and 10.18% use Best Wishes.