Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which of the following mail service do you use for office?
Microsoft Outlook(14.75%)
Newton Mail(0.31%)
Edison Mail(0.2%)
Votes: 5118
United States: 110 Closed on: 30-May-2021

Email to the Rescue

The first thing that comes to mind on hearing the word office is emails. Lots and lots of emails. We can't mention one without the other. They have been a boon to humankind, speeding up the entire process of communication. The difference of millions of miles or the time gap doesn't hamper work in any way. With it, offices can employ staff sitting in different countries altogether. Today, there are a number of email service providers who offer their services to organisations. Taking a poll on this subject, we asked 5,119 respondents about the mail services used in their offices. 77.32% of the respondents trust Gmail, while 14.75% find Microsoft Outlook more convenient, and 3.22% depend on Yahoo for their official work. It is further bifurcated into several smaller players like ProtonMail (0.57%), Tutanota (0.47%), Airmail (0.43%), Aquamail (0.39%), Newton Mail (0.31%), Nine (0.23%), and Edison Mail (0.20%). 2.11% of the respondents also reported using Other email service providers not mentioned in our list.