Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which extreme sport would you try first?
Sky Diving(37.22%)
Bungee jumping(27.76%)
Scuba diving(16.31%)
Cliff diving(4.59%)
Free climbing(14.13%)
Votes: 9817
United States: 103 Closed on: 26-Aug-2022

Sport for Extreme Sports?

Extreme sports more often than not overlap with extreme tourism. It usually involves height or speed and is laden with risk. That perhaps is what draws people towards it. While some people will not go near such activities, some will latch on to any opportunity to try them out. What we wanted to know was if, given a chance, which extreme sport would people like to try out first. Out of 9,815 respondents, 37.22% would love to give Sky Diving a shot, and 27.75% would like to try Bungee Jumping. 16.31% would give a go at Scuba Diving, and 14.12% want to try their hand at Free Climbing. 4.60% think Cliff Diving is something they would love to try out. It seems almost everybody is already mentally prepared for these extreme sports! What they are looking for is a chance to jump at it, quite literally.