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Do you smoke or drink?
I don’t drink or smoke (44.95%)
I drink but don’t smoke (15.35%)
I do both (14.87%)
I only smoke when I drink (4.25%)
I smoke but I don’t drink (3.98%)
I drink occasionally (13.95%)
I smoke occasionally (2.65%)
Votes: 13037
United States: 129 Closed on: 27-Jul-2021

Do You Smoke or Drink or Do Both?

Smoking and drinking are two habits that die hard. In fact, in some cases, they never die. While some people know their limits, some throw caution to the wind and pay for their excessive lifestyles later in life. We, at Opinion Poll, wanted to take account of these patterns and see what people had to say about them. And so, we asked 13,037 respondents whether they drink or smoke, to which 44.95% replied with a definite No. From here on, the responses were just a myriad of permutations and combinations of affirmations. For instance, 15.35% say they drink but don't smoke, and 14.87% revealed that they indulge in both of these activities. 4.25% state they only smoke when they drink, 3.98% smoke but don't drink, whereas 13.95% drink occasionally and 2.65% smoke occasionally. To conclude, the poll revealed an almost equal divide between the consumers and non-consumers of alcohol and cigarettes.