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Do you think the stock market is a good option for investment?
I don’t know(5.49%)
Votes: 10903
United States: 117 Closed on: 25-Jul-2022

Investments and Stock Markets


Saving and spending are just two sides of the same coin. No individual spends their entire income on food, clothing, and luxuries. They save up for the rainy days too. And everyone tries to invest their money in multiple places. Stock markets being one. While some swear by it, some don't think of them as a reliable option to invest. So, we thought we'll conduct a quick poll on whether people think investing in stock markets is a good option or not. Out of 10,901 respondents, 66.92% of the people reply with a resounding yes and 6.89% reply with a definite no. 20.70% of the respondents, however, are not sure as they feel it might be a good investment option. And lastly, 5.49% don't know for sure.