Polls Summary

If you ever left a job, what was the primary reason?
Better money in another organization(36.53%)
Bad/ unskilled boss(11.61%)
Better role in another organization (20.45%)
Bad culture/management(10.12%)
Was asked to leave(5.48%)
Other (15.83%)
Votes: 12985
United States: 126 Closed on: 03-Aug-2021

Changing Jobs � The Primary Reason Behind It

For anyone, their place of work has to be a conducive environment that helps them grow. They will put in a hundred percent if they get the appropriate guidance, opportunities, and respect. And there are only a few specific reasons that force people to switch jobs. In an attempt to understand those very reasons, we conducted a poll with 12,985 respondents, asking them the primary reason they left their job. The majority (36.53%) chimed the same answer � getting a significant rise in compensation in another organisation. 20.45% made the switch because they were getting a better designation; 11.61% had a bad/unskilled boss; 10.12% moved on since they were not happy with the culture/management of their current office. 5.48% of the respondents also revealed that they were asked to leave, while 15.83% cite other reasons to change their jobs.