Polls Summary

Driving into work in these mornings, what are you listening to?
Music from a radio station(29.84%)
Music from a personal device(50.55%)
Audio books(4.59%)
Nothing (5.24%)
Votes: 7056
United States: 102 Closed on: 08-Nov-2021

Making the Drive to Work Fun!

Driving to work  every day of the year  can become rather tiresome. It is one of the activities one can't run away from. It is straight-up hours of silent driving which usually coincides with the maddening office hour rush. And so, people come up with different ways to entertain themselves in this boring part of their day. Carrying out a poll on this topic, we at Opinion Bureau asked 7,057 respondents what they listen to when driving to work. It came as no surprise when 50.55% of them said they listen to music from their personal device and 29.84% listen to music from a radio station. Some use this time to soak up knowledge by turning to podcasts (8.19%) and audiobooks (4.59%). Interestingly, 5.24% prefer to do nothing; perhaps they like to introspect in this quiet time. And lastly, 1.59% listen to other things to keep themselves entertained while driving to work.