Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which is your favourite luxury car brand?
Mercedes-Benz (22.95%)
Porsche (5.22%)
Volvo (2.27%)
Lamborghini (6.75%)
Land Rover (6.39%)
Jaguar (3.38%)
Rolls-Royce (4.8%)
Votes: 12610
United States: 108 Closed on: 14-Jun-2022

For the Love of Luxury Cars


Who doesn't love luxury cars? Incredibly beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to drive, luxury cars have a fan following of their own. Almost everyone dreams of owning one. So, we thought we?d conduct a poll to see which luxury car is the most loved out of the lot. Of the 12,615 respondents we asked, 22.95% love the looks of Mercedes-Benz, 18.73% prefer the sporty BMW, and 13.02% love the panache of Audi. Next on the list is the uber-cool Lamborghini (6.75%), followed by the solid Land Rover (6.39%), the powerful Porsche (5.22%), and the super-smart Tesla (5.12%). And the list doesn?t end here. 4.81% love a fast Ferrari, 4.80% vote for the royal Rolls-Royce, 3.38% prefer the chic style of Jaguar, 2.27% would go for a Volvo, and 2.21% like Bugatti. Lastly, 1.92% love Maserati, 1.63% adore Lexus, and 0.80% like Cadillac.