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Polls Summary

Have you lost any money because of the crypto market crash?
What is it?(5.14%)
Votes: 11764
United States: 123 Closed on: 05-Jul-2022

The Crypto Crash


Investing in crypto currencies is fairly new. People saw profits and started investing in digital currency. And like any stock market, it has had its ups and downs. The highs have turned people into millionaires and the lows have brought ruin. Experts say global inflation is the prime reason for the disastrous state crypto is in today. The Ukraine-Russia war, COVID lockdowns, and extreme over-valuation of crypto currency projects also added to the current meltdown. Taking stock of things, we asked 1,176 respondents whether they have lost any money in the crypto market crash or not. While 61.49% have been lucky as they haven't lost any money, 33.36% have suffered from the crash. 5.14% of the respondents, however, don't know anything about the crash.

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