Polls Summary

Which of the following apps do you use for listening to music?
FM radio(9.66%)
Music CD's(2.32%)
Amazon music(6.75%)
Google play(6.24%)
Apple music(2.47%)
Youtube Music(33.63%)
Votes: 6366
United States: 77 Closed on: 17-Nov-2021

Adding Music to Life

One thing that makes everything better in life is music. If you want to pump up your workout, there is music. If you want to uplift your mood, there is music. If you want to add life to a party, there is music. Music always comes to our rescue because a thing of beauty is a joy forever. Listening to music in the 21st century, however, has undergone a tremendous transformation. And so, we thought we'll conduct a quick poll with 6,366 respondents, asking them which app they use for listening to music. 32.75% of the respondents use Spotify, 33.63% prefer YouTube Music, and 9.66 opt for the good-old FM Radio. Next on the popular music list is Amazon Music (6.75%), followed by Google Play (6.24%), Apple Music (2.47%), Music CDs (2.32%), and Pandora (0.57%). 5.61% use Other ways to listen to music.