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What decade of music do you like the most?
Votes: 6477
United States: 83 Closed on: 17-Nov-2021

Dividing Music into Decades

Music brings forth positivity and cheer in our lives. And for many, it is usually a certain genre or artist or decade that does the trick. They keep going back to the beats they like to get their day going. To ease the process, they create playlists with their favorite songs or save a playlist from an era they like. So, we thought we would conduct a poll on the decade of music most preferred by people. Out of the 6,477 respondents, the majority (24.70%) prefer the music of the 1990s, 18.99% like the tunes of 2020, and 18.25% favor the 1980s. The 2000s are also quite popular as they secured 17.79% votes. Following next is the 2010s with 12.77% votes, the 1970s with 4.89%, and lastly, the 1960s with 2.61% votes.