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Have you unsubscribed to Netflix recently?
Thinking about it(8.52%)
Votes: 8675
United States: 101 Closed on: 12-May-2022

The Netflix Network

In January 2022, Netflix announced it had garnered 222 million subscribers worldwide. With at least 17,000 titles across its international libraries, Netflix's original programming has received over 800 award nominations and 250 awards. The content is so good that it has been winning at Emmys and Oscars too! Interestingly, the average Netflix user has put in over 1,130 hours, or 49 days, worth of content watching since opening their account. Compared to other OTT platforms, Netflix has its own following owing to its unique content. But this also means it comes at a cost far more than its competitors. So, we conducted a poll with 8,676 respondents to check whether they have unsubscribed from Netflix recently or not. 65.98% replied with a definite No, while 25.51% of the respondents revealed they have unsubscribed from the platform. The poll also disclosed that 8.52% of the respondents are thinking about unsubscribing.