Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How much time do you spend online in day?
1 to 2 hours daily(11.87%)
Almost 5 hours daily(27.1%)
5 to 8 hours daily(30.58%)
10 to 12 hours daily(18.31%)
12 to 17 hours daily(12.14%)
Votes: 1491
United States: 147 Closed on: 09-Jun-2021

Spending Time Online 

Mobile phones and laptops have gone beyond their functional utility and turned into engaging time pass units. People have worked out a stamina that allows them to mindlessly scroll through their social media accounts for hours. And this is not just a phenomenon noticeable in teenagers; even adults whose prerogative has been to look down on excessive screen time have fallen prey to it. We thought this would be a fun topic to conduct a poll on, so we got cracking. Out of the 1,491 respondents we asked, 30.58% reveal spending five to eight hours in a day online, while 27.10% spend almost five hours daily. 18.31% and 12.14% of the respondents disclose a shocking number as they say they spend 10-12 hours and 12-17 hours, respectively, in a day surfing through the internet. Only a small set of people (11.87%) do not exceed the limit of an hour or two of screen time in a day.