Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you often buy things online that you don't need.
Yes. All the time(24.3%)
Yes but sometimes only(34.25%)
No. I only buy what I need(34.51%)
Can't say(1.96%)
Votes: 3156
United States: 200 Closed on: 27-Apr-2021

The Temptations of Online Shopping

Who hasn't bought things online only to realize later that they never needed them in the first place That is the magnetic pull of digital marketing. The beautifully photographed product is placed in an eye-catching creative with a headline that taunts our every sensibility to click and purchase the product NOW! One has to be really impervious to their charms to scroll through the net without falling prey to the click bait. To get better insights into this phenomenon, we conducted a poll with 3,156 respondents. On being asked whether they often buy things online that they don't need, 24.30% respond with a resounding yes as they do this all the time. 34.25% also agree to this while adding that they indulge in such instinctual purchasing only once in a while. 34.51% of the respondents know how to resist such temptations and buy only the products they require, 4.97% reply with an indefinite maybe, and 1.96% can't say much on the subject.