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What physical activity do you do to stay fit?
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United States: 102 Closed on: 24-Aug-2022

Staying Active to Stay Fit

The most effective way of staying physically and mentally fit is working out. A fitness regime is only something that enables our bodies to fight things that can weigh us down. Be it the stress from work or the common flu, a healthy body can win against its terrible clutches. So, people try not to skip their physical workout and try to fit it into their schedule at any cost. But what we wanted to gather was which of the physical activities people pursue to stay fit. Of the 10,163 people we asked, 50.11% love going to the gym and 18.97% stick to yoga. 7.99% love to hit the swimming pool to get their blood flowing, and 4.82% find CrossFit training helpful. 18.10% have other ways of staying fit.