Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you like high-rise or low-rise buildings?
Low rises(41.74%)
High rises(51.17%)
I don’t know(7.09%)
Votes: 12257
United States: 111 Closed on: 23-Aug-2021

High-Rise v/s Low-Rise Buildings

Modern cities are abounded with impressive lofty buildings, no wonder gaining the title of being concrete jungles. A single building can be home to hundreds and an office to thousands. While some like them, some don't, and some just love to hate them. Every individual has their preference; some like the simplicity of low-rise buildings and some are enamored by the grandeur of the high-rise buildings. And their reasons are all varied from aesthetic to functional to environmental. But whatever be the case, they both have their charm. So, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see which of the two building types is favored more by people. Out of the 12,257 respondents, 51.17% like high-rise buildings and 41.74% like low-rise buildings. 7.09% of the respondents, however, don't know which building they prefer.