Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which of the following Infrastructure as a Service platforms do you use at your organisation?
Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (5.36%)
Amazon EC2(13.11%)
Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines(14.71%)
DigitalOcean Droplets(2.67%)
Google Compute Engine(31.3%)
IBM Cloud Private(8.88%)
Synology Virtual Machine Manager(1.16%)
Votes: 6478
United States: 68 Closed on: 18-Jul-2022

Smart Services for Smart Offices


Cloud computing platforms have become an essential service for many organisations. Such platforms allow users to rent virtual computers on which they can run their own computer applications. What it does is it eliminates an organisation�s need to invest in hardware and thus develop and deploy applications faster. It is easy to start, reliable, and most importantly cost-effective. And there are many platforms to choose from now. So, we asked 6,476 respondents which service platform their organisation is using. While 31.28 trust Google Compute Engine, 14.72% use Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and 13.11% prefer Amazon EC2. Next on the list are IBM Cloud Private (8.88%), Alibaba Elastic Compute Service (5.36%), Digital Ocean Droplets (2.67%), Linode (1.33%), and Synology Virtual Machine Manager (1.16%). 21.49%, however, reveal they use other platforms.