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Do you plan to give your father anything special this Father’s Day?
Votes: 12534
United States: 125 Closed on: 29-Jun-2022

Making Father's Day Special


Everyone tries to make their fathers feel special on Father's Day. Be it with a sweet little gesture or a thoughtful gift, children always try and plan something to bring a smile to their dad's face. We thought this could be an interesting topic for our next poll. And so, we asked 12,534 respondents whether they are planning something for Father's Day or not. 26.60% plan on gifting a watch, while 15.81% will present a wallet to their dad. 13.54% will make their dad's day by giving them a phone, and 8.09% will make their day extra special by gifting them a trip. 35.97% have other exciting plans in mind to surprise their dad. We hope this effort receives a lot of love and appreciation from all the dads out there!