Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Which is your favourite sportswear brand?
Adidas (24.16%)
Under Armour(3.47%)
New Balance(3.47%)
Lululemon Athletica(0.87%)
Columbia Sportswear(0.4%)
Votes: 8940
United States: 111 Closed on: 21-Sep-2022

Got A Favourite Sportswear Brand?

These days, sports are incomplete without the right sportswear gear. Everyone has a go-to sportswear brand they blindly trust. Because more than anything, they need products that perform well. The right gear gives people the confidence to focus on the game and give their best, without worrying about anything else. So, at Opinion Bureau, we conducted a poll with 8,941 respondents to learn about their favourite sportswear brand. 46.31% trust Nike, 24.16% prefer Adidas, and 11.69% love Puma. 6.11% of the respondents like Reebok, 3.47% prefer Under Armour, and 3.47% trust New Balance. 1.93% and 1.59% say Fila and Asics are their go-to brands, while 0.87% like Lululemon Athletica and 0.40% prefer Columbia Sportswear.