Poll Summary


Polls Summary

What’s your favourite summer drink?
Ice tea(14.52%)
Coconut water(17.52%)
Soft drinks(39.68%)
Votes: 10961
United States: 110 Closed on: 25-Jul-2022

Favourite Summer Coolers


Summers are great. But what's even better is sipping them away with some icy summer coolers. Living in a country like India, where every weather is extreme, we have come up with ways to beat it. And that too, mostly with foods and drinks. For instance, winters without gajar ka halwa are incomplete and summers without ice creams are unimaginable. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 10,959 people which is their favourite summer drink. Most of the people go for a healthy option as 28.92% of the respondents love having a refreshing lemonade, while 17.52% are nuts about coconut water and 14.52% love having iced tea. 39.68% of the respondents, on the other hand, voted for soft drinks.