Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Who is your favorite Superman of all time?
Bud Collyer(5.41%)
Kirk Alyn (3.52%)
George Reeves (7.12%)
Danny Dark(6.65%)
Christopher Reeve (19.68%)
John Haymes Newton (5.76%)
Gerard Christopher (5.05%)
Tim Daly(5.43%)
Dean Cain(3.31%)
George Newbern(3.11%)
Tom Welling(12.24%)
Henry Cavill(19.51%)
Tyler Hoechlin(3.2%)
Votes: 9022
United States: 107 Closed on: 07-Apr-2022

The Super Cool Superman Poll

Superman is not just an awesome comic book character anymore. He is much bigger than that. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Clark Joseph Kent, a.k.a. Superman, is one of the most-loved superheroes. So much so that there have been thirteen actors who have essayed the role of Superman. For our latest poll, we thought we'll conduct a poll on the same. We asked 9,023 respondents about their favourite Superman actor, and Christopher Reeve came out on top with 19.68% of the votes. Cutting it close is Henry Cavill with 19.51% votes and Tom Welling with 12.24% votes. Next on the list are George Reeves (7.12%), Danny Dark (6.65%), John Haymes Newton (5.76%), Bud Collyer (5.41%), and Tim Daly (5.43%). Last on the list are Gerard Christopher (5.05%), Kirk Alyn (3.52%), Dean Cain (3.31%), Tyler Hoechlin (3.20%), and George Newbern (3.11%).