Poll Summary


Polls Summary

If you could have one of these superpowers, which one would you choose?
Be invisible whenever you want(27.57%)
Superhuman Strength(12.24%)
Talk to animals(10.51%)
Read minds(30.06%)
Be able to fly(11.46%)
Superfast speed(8.15%)
Votes: 12090
United States: 108 Closed on: 30-Aug-2021

Superpower Up for Grabs 


Superheroes and their superpowers fascinate one and all. People always dream about having a superpower and the reasons are quite obvious. Firstly, because it's super fun, and secondly, because superpowers are amazingly empowering. Imagine the possibilities it unfolds for someone who can possess such powers! And since everyone wishes to be endowed with such superpowers, we thought we'll conduct a poll on this topic. We asked 12,090 respondents that if they are given a chance, which superpower they would pick for themselves. The most-coveted superpower with 30.07% votes is the ability to read people's minds, followed by 27.58% voting for the power to be invisible whenever and wherever they want. Next on the list is wishing for superhuman strength (12.23%), the ability to fly (11.46%), and gift to talk to animals (10.51%). 8.15% of the respondents also wish for super-fast speed as their superpower. It seems everyone has something they want to make their lives more exciting.