Poll Summary


Polls Summary

How far do you travel for work every day?
I work from home (30.12%)
Less than 10 miles(26.84%)
10-20 miles(23.17%)
20-30 miles(11.65%)
30-40 miles(4.67%)
40+ miles(3.55%)
Votes: 9866
United States: 89 Closed on: 24-Aug-2022

The Endless Daily Commute

Commuting to work is one of the most chaotic chores of modern life. From being stuck in traffic for hours to burning money on fuel, the problems of travelling to work are endless. Not only does it causes unnecessary stress but also drains one's energy and wastes time. Conducting a poll on the same, we asked 9,867 respondents how far they travel for work every day. Interestingly, 30.12% work from home while the rest have to hit the road. 26.85% travel less than 10 miles to reach their office, while 23.16% cover somewhere between 10 to 20 miles. And from here on, the distance just keeps getting longer. 11.66% say they travel for 20 to 30 miles daily, 4.67% go through 30 to 40 miles, and 3.55% have more than 40 miles to cover.