Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Do you think Elon Musk will improve Twitter?
I don't know (18.65%)
Votes: 9242
United States: 115 Closed on: 16-May-2022

Twitter 2.0

With more than a billion downloads, Twitter is a social media platform with its own unique offering. It has a total of 217 million monetizable daily active users worldwide, with close to 500 million tweets being sent each day. And so, with such a strong number game, it did not come as a surprise when Elon Musk offered to buy the platform for a whopping $43 Billion. This decision fuelled up a lot of debates, not to mention hilarious memes, when it hit the news. The bigger question, however, is whether people feel Musk can improve Twitter or not. Conducting a poll on the same with 9,242 respondents, we asked people about their opinions. 66.76% of the respondents, a solid majority, think Musk will bring positive changes with this acquisition, while 14.67% reply with a definitive no. 18.65% of the respondents, however, do not know for sure what this change of hands will mean for the beloved blue-bird-logo brand.