Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Would you turn vegetarian to control climate change?
No. I can't(16.07%)
I don't believe in climate change(5.25%)
Yes. I have already(20.61%)
Yes. I will(22.47%)
I don't know(4.07%)
Votes: 3217
United States: 166 Closed on: 30-Apr-2021

From Diet Change to Climate Change

Switching to vegetarian dietary patterns has been scientifically proven to lower carbon, water, and ecological footprints. If we go by the data provided by the UN, 14.5% of all manmade greenhouse emissions come from meat and dairy products  a number that is too huge to ignore. With the increasing awareness about this issue, people have already started to switch to vegetarian and vegan diets. And so, to take this issue forward, we conducted a poll with 3,217 respondents, asking them whether they will turn into vegetarians to control climate change. 22.47% of the respondents say they will change their dietary habits, while 20.61% have already made that switch. 16.07% are sure that they can't commit to this; 5.25% don't believe in the concept of climate change; 4.07% don't know if they can bring this change into their lives. The majority of respondents (31.52%) are fence-sitters as they reply with an open-ended maybe. The popular opinion on this one seems to be divided, and we'll have to wait a few years to see whether things change for the good.