Poll Summary


Polls Summary

If you could work from anywhere, where would you work from?
River Side(8.37%)
Football Stadium(3.24%)
Cricket Stadium(1.99%)
Tennis Court(1.72%)
Golf Course(2.19%)
Votes: 8723
United States: 85 Closed on: 07-Apr-2022

Work From Anywhere

Over the past two years, the world has undergone a tremendous shift in terms of working environments. No longer does an office means cubicles and 9-5 hours. The work-from-home regime has completely changed the game. Now given an option, most people would like to work from the comforts of their home, in their pyjamas. Taking this discussion forward, we polled a total of 8,722 respondents. We asked them if they were given a choice to work from anywhere, what will they choose. 28.08% say they prefer working from their home, while 19.70% like beaches and 12.94% would pick mountains. 8.37% would like to manage their workflow sitting next to the calming flow of a river, 4.56% opt for cafes, 3.24% prefer football stadiums, 2.98% like parks, 2.19% want to work from a golf course, 1.99% from a cricket stadium, and 1.72% from a tennis court. And while 1.55% vote for others, 12.67% would want to work from their office only.