Poll Summary


Polls Summary

Has coronavirus outbreak affected your online shopping?
Decreased/Stopped online shopping(21.96%)
No effect(24.36%)
Increased online shopping(51.46%)
Votes: 5408
United States: 130 Closed on: 15-May-2021

Online Shopping in the Times of Corona

Unimaginable yet true, a single strain of a virus has completely changed the face of the earth. The way people worked, socialized, moved, and even breathed has undergone a major transformation. It has forced the world to find alternate ways to function, and one thing that has really eased this process is the internet. The online world has kept a semblance of our older lives alive. Be it food deliveries or money transfers, or grocery shopping  everything is being conducted from the safety of people's homes. Taking this into account, we carried out a poll to see the trend of online shopping and how coronavirus affected it. Out of the 5,408 respondents we asked, 51.46% report an increase in their online shopping while 24.36% say there hasn't been any effect. 21.96% state that they witnessed a decrease  and in some cases a complete halt in their online shopping patterns. 2.22% of the respondents have also noticed a few other effects since the onset of the pandemic.