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Is e-learning better than traditional learning?
Votes: 2694 Closed on: 31-Mar-2021

With the digital world transforming every aspect of modern life, the day was not far when it would influence the way we learned. Gradually, the format of e-learning made its way, founding its ground because of the ease and convenience it offered. It is a refreshing change for all as the traditional learning methods were not enough to engage the over-active minds of 21st-century students. There is still an apprehension towards it, but many schools and colleges have started adopting e-learning modules. We conducted a poll on this issue, asking 2,694 respondents whether they think e-learning is better than traditional learning. A majority of the respondents (45.24%) chime a loud and definite yes. 32.71% of the respondents, however, prefer the old-school way of learning. Interestingly, 20.73%  a considerable chunk of the respondents reply with an indefinite maybe; they perhaps require some more time to get accustomed to the ways of e-learning to arrive at a final decision.