Polls Summary

Which of the following types of TV channels you watch the most?
Daily soap serials (18.4%)
Votes: 2967 Closed on: 05-Apr-2021

Television: A Complete Entertainment Package

A non-stop, economical, and fun entertainment medium, television never fails to come to one's rescue in times of need. It offers a wide array of choices in terms of content available for people from all walks of life. There are shows and channels for everyone  budding home chefs, busy businesspeople, curious young minds, nature lovers, and auto enthusiasts, to just name a few.

We, at Opinion Bureau, conducted a quick poll with 2,967 respondents, asking them which TV channels they watch the most. The majority of them (43.70%) say they tune into movie channels when the TV is on, while 18.40% get their fill of drama from daily soap serials. 16.54% prefer watching sports channels, 10.75% are there for insightful infotainment, and 5.56% love watching cooking shows. 5.05% of the respondents watch other channels to keep themselves entertained.