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Do you think there would be movies about Covid 19 after it is over?
Yes. Definitely.(66.52%)
No. I don’t think so.(8.19%)
Maybe a documentary.(22.92%)
I don’t know.(2.36%)
Votes: 1819 Closed on: 17-Aug-2020

Covid-19 -Best Actor in a Negative Role?

You'll instantly find almost every momentous moment in history captured on the silver screen. From the World Wars to 9/11 to the Indian Independence - everything has been recreated for a film or a documentary. And covid-19 has been one such life-altering moment of the century. It has transformed all the running institutions in the world, be it the political and financial ones or the socio-cultural ones. It has upturned our lives completely, destroying our daily routines. Conducting a poll on the same motion, we at Opinion Bureau asked 1,819 people whether they think movies will be made about covid-19 or not. 66.52% of the respondents feel positive about this and say there will ?definitely? be a movie on the coronavirus. 8.19% of the respondents harbour the exact opposite emotion, while 22.92% of them feel there are high chances that a documentary might be shot on this. Only 2.36% of the respondents are not quite sure about this matter. What will be interesting to see, however, will be the genre with which the virus will feature: thriller, horror, comedy, or romance!