Polls Summary

Which of the following website do you visit frequently?
News sites (27.28%)
Shopping sites(50.65%)
Online Magazines(7.4%)
Cooking Websites(6.69%)
Votes: 2782 Closed on: 26-Apr-2021

The Online Trend

Whatever we wish to purchase has been made available online. Be it an important news article or the latest fashion collection  we no longer need to step out of our house to procure it. Sitting in the comforts of our home (or while attending an official zoom meeting), we can scroll through thousands of websites to get what we require. So much so that we get notifications on our mobiles for whatever is trending in the world.

For a more nuanced understanding of this topic, we conducted a poll with 2,782 respondents. 50.65% of them say they frequent shopping sites to get their hands on the latest collection in the market, while 27.28% visit news sites to keep themselves up to date. 7.40% love viewing magazines online, and 6.69% log on to cooking websites to prepare some sumptuous delicacies at home. 7.98% of the respondents also visit various other websites to stay informed.