Polls Summary

Does your current workplace provide training and development programmes in office?
No. We do not have any kind of training whatsoever(11.52%)
Yes. We have such programmes once a year(42.15%)
Yes. We have such programmes more than once a year(38.61%)
No. But my previous organization used to(4.06%)
I’m moving on to a better organization with such programmes(3.66%)
Votes: 764 Closed on: 29-Dec-2020
Do you believe training and development programmes in office are important?
Yes. It is good for employees’ performance, satisfaction and morale(46.22%)
Yes. It makes employees feel good and builds loyalty(28.78%)
Yes. It is good for an organization’s reputation (20.0%)
Yes. It gives employees learn about new ideas and products(23.92%)
Yes. All of the above(25.0%)
No. It is a waste of time with no return on investment(3.24%)
No. Work is more important than such trainings(1.89%)
I don’t know at all (2.16%)
Votes: 740 Closed on: 29-Dec-2020

Training Towards a Better Tomorrow

When a company puts its employees first by looking after their overall growth, they win their employees forever. Nurturing them and giving them a skill set for their future with Training and Development Programs are seen as an upside by the employees. And to get a clearer picture of workplaces, we asked 762 respondents whether their current workplace provides any Training and Development Programs or not. The majority of the respondents (42.26%) have such programs conducted in their offices annually, and 38.58% have them more than once a year. 11.55% of the respondents do not have any kind of training sessions whatsoever. 4.07% claim their previous organisations used to conduct those sessions while the current workplace doesn't. Interestingly, 3.54% of the respondents are moving on to a better organisation where such programs are being offered.


The Importance of Training & Development Programs

The heart and soul of any organisation is its employees. For the employees to work to their fullest potential, it is imperative that they remain happy and satisfied with the organisation. And a recent trend noticed by researchers is that employees want their organisations to look after them their overall training and development that allows them to possess a skill set that might come in handy. So, many workplaces have started organising such programs, and to get clarity on how essential they are, we conducted a poll with 1,119 respondents. 30.56% of the respondents believe they are great for boosting employees performance, satisfaction, and morale. 19.03% of the respondents think such programs make the employees feel good and this, in turn, builds loyalty towards the firm. 13.23% of people opine, this adds to the organisation's reputation, and 15.82% feel it gives employees a chance to learn about new ideas and products. 16.53% of people believe that all of the above points matter. On the other end, few think that such programs are a complete waste of time with no return on investment and 1.25% feel work is more important than such training. 1.43% of the respondents, however, don't know have an opinion whether they are essential or not.