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Do you think electric vehicle engines are more efficient than petrol and diesel engines?
Can’t say(5.19%)
Votes: 3119 Closed on: 07-Apr-2021

Electric Engines: An Efficient Alternative?

With concerns about the depleting natural resources and the rising global temperatures, a much sought-after solution has finally emerged in the form of electric vehicle engines. Be it international luxury brands or affordable ones  every automobile company has started incorporating this change. People are also looking forward to switching to electric cars as it takes care of the planet and the pocket (which is currently affected by the increased petrol and diesel prices). There are, however, questions regarding the efficiency of this new technology that needs addressing. Automobile brands will have to be mindful of communicating the same in the years to come. In the meantime, we thought we'll conduct a poll to see what the perception of electric vehicle engines is do people feel that it is more efficient than petrol and diesel engines. Out of 3,119 respondents, 58.67% feel electric engines are more efficient, while 15.71% think they aren't. 20.42% say it might be more efficient, and 5.19% can?t say much on the subject.