Polls Summary

Do you think political parties waste money in their campaigns or is it justified?
I think they waste public's money.(72.23%)
No, it is justified and for a good cause.(19.59%)
I don't know(8.18%)
Votes: 2920 Closed on: 05-Apr-2021

The Excessive Times of Political Campaigns

Much is said about the immoderate expenditure carried out by political parties during election campaigns. They are under constant scrutiny by people, the press, and the Election Commission, and yet the desire to win over the vote bank makes them violate all legal and ethical codes. The amount spent knows no bounds and perhaps would be enough to eradicate the poverty of millions if the thirst for political power was not so potent. We, thus, decided to conduct a quick poll with 2,920 respondents on whether people feel the money spent by political parties during campaigns is justified or not. It did not come as a surprise that 71.08% of the respondents think of it as a waste of the public's money. 19.28% see this political spending in a different way as they feel it is done for a good cause and is hence justified. A small group of respondents (8.06%) are not so sure about this subject and reply with an indecisive "I don't know."