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If USA had enforced usage of masks correctly, could it have prevented the rise in active Covid19 cases?
Yes. There's no doubt about it.(64.91%)
No. We don't know that for sure.(21.22%)
Government shouldn't force people to wear masks.(9.83%)
I don't know.(4.04%)
Votes: 2055 Closed on: 19-Aug-2020

Is wearing a mask enough?

With the count of coronavirus cases exceeding six million in the United States of America, one can only wonder what if the government had enforced the usage of the masks correctly. What if this practice could have prevented the rapid rise in active cases? There is, however, no end to these what-ifs. What we need is a definitive answer, that too, that comes directly from the people. So, we asked 2,055 respondents whether they think it was possible to put a cap on the covid-19 cases by enforcing the correct usage of masks or was it a futile exercise altogether. 64.91% of the respondents believe there's no doubt about it that wearing masks could have curbed the cases, while 21.22% of them think that no one can know this for sure. 9.83% of the respondents have a different take on the topic as they say the government shouldn't make wearing masks mandatory. They feel the people should not be forced, in any which way, and wearing masks should be their call entirely. Only a small group of respondents (4.04%) claim that they don't really know what could have helped in this situation.