Polls Summary

Would president-elect of the United States Joe Biden be able to tackle the pandemic better than the Donald Trump administration?
No. Trump administration did a better job. Only they could have managed it. (11.8%)
Yes. Biden administration is going to do a much better job that Trump administration. (60.37%)
I don’t know. Time will tell. (22.72%)
It might so. (3.33%)
I don’t care. (1.78%)
Votes: 2135 Closed on: 24-Nov-2020

Presidents and the Pandemic

Every Presidential Election Campaign has one critical issue on which the candidates pitch their campaign. And this time, it was none other than the novel coronavirus  what measures each candidate will undertake to contain the spread. So to see what people are thinking about the same, we conducted a poll with 2,135 respondents. We asked them whether they expect the President of the United States, Joe Biden, will be better able to tackle the pandemic than the Donald Trump Administration or not. A considerable majority (60.37%) chimed a resounding 'yes' as they feel the Biden Administration is going to do a better job than their predecessors. 11.80% of the respondents feel the efforts of the Trump government were admirable and were the only ones who could have managed the pandemic of such proportions. 22.72% of the respondents are not so sure about the subject and say only time will tell, while 3.33% feel that Biden might do a better job at it. A small set of respondents (1.78%) claim they don't care about the issue and consequently have no comments on the topic.