Polls Summary

Which of the following sports events do you watch on TV without fail? Select three of your favourites.
Tour de France(9.95%)
World Cup of Soccer(38.01%)
Cricket World Cup(52.08%)
Summer Games (18.35%)
Winter Games (16.67%)
Women's World Cup(19.49%)
UEFA Champions League(28.14%)
Super Bowl(9.91%)
World Series(12.01%)
NCAA Final Four (5.75%)
NBA Finals(15.58%)
The Masters(6.76%)
Kentucky Derby(4.07%)
World Cup of Rugby (11.13%)
Wimbledon (15.33%)
Votes: 2381 Closed on: 17-Dec-2020

Game On, On TV?

Sports is like a religion for many people. Real sports enthusiasts never miss a game  they keep track of all their schedules and worship their favourite sportsperson. For them, sports events are not just a source of entertainment but an essential part of their life. And to see which sports events are followed by people religiously, we asked 6,268 respondents to pick three of their favourite events they never miss to catch on TV. It came as no shock that the maximum votes go to the legendary Cricket World Cup (19.78%) and the famous FIFA World Cup (14.44%). Following these are the UEFA Champions League (10.69%), Women's World Cup (7.40%), Summer Games (6.97%), and Winter Games (6.33%). Many people also never fail to miss the nail-biting NBA Finals (5.92%), Wimbledon (5.82%), World Series (4.56%), the World Cup of Rugby (4.23%), Tour de France (3.78%), and the super exciting Super Bowl (3.77%). The sports enthusiasts are also divided on other events as they swear that they don't miss The Masters (2.57%), the NCAA Final Four (2.19%), and the Kentucky Derby (1.55%). It seems that everyone has their favourite game and players sorted!