Polls Summary

Are parent- children conflicts normal or they should be addressed differently?
No, they are not normal. Parents need to open dialogues with kids.(33.72%)
Yes. It is very normal. Everyone faces it.(49.38%)
Parents and their children hardly have any conflicts(6.65%)
Kids will be kids. Parents shouldn't worry(7.12%)
i don't know(3.17%)
Votes: 2586 Closed on: 26-Jan-2021

Peace in Parent-Child Land?


Some wars never come to an end; they tend to spill on over to the next generations. Rarely do we find a home where parents and children aren't at loggerheads. They both find themselves in a position where they end up saying: No one understands me! .And as strenuous it might be  sooner or later ? they do find a resolution for their conflicts. So, for a deeper understanding of this subject, we conducted a poll with 2,587 respondents, asking them whether they think parent-child differences are normal or do they need to be addressed differently 49.36% of the respondents say this is an everyday situation and everyone goes through it, while 33.71% feel such conflicts aren?t usual and parents should have an open dialogue with their children. 6.65% of the respondents believe that parents and children hardly have any conflicts and, thus, this isn?t an issue to be worried about. 7.11% say 'kids will be kids', and parents shouldn't worry about them. Lastly, a small group of respondents, comprising of 3.17% of the people, don't know much about this issue. And with such dividing views, it seems the conflict of whether parent-children conflicts are normal or not can't be settled itself.