Polls Summary

Health officials have been harping on wearing masks to control the spread of Covid 19 yet a lot of people are opposing to it. What's your take?
Masks don't control the spread.(8.38%)
I can't breathe in masks.(7.69%)
Clean air will cure the virus.(5.74%)
Corona Virus is a hoax.(3.28%)
I always wear a mask while going out or meeting people.(68.5%)
I'm healthy and won't get sick easily.(2.23%)
I chose my freedom over health.(1.5%)
I don't know.(2.69%)
Votes: 2197 Closed on: 06-Aug-2020

Masks: On or Off?

The only way to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the hands of a commoner right now is to wear a mask. It protects us from coming in direct contact with the virus, keeping us safe behind our masks (or should we say shields). The issues with wearing a mask though are manifold. The most pertinent being the inconvenience of it all. It is not easy to work with a mask the entire day, especially in India, where the onslaught of heat and humidity never ends. Nonetheless, we thought we should conduct a poll to gauge what people had to say about this: are they ready to let their masks slip yet or not?

Out of the 2,197 respondents, we asked, 68.50% of them claim they always wear a mask while going out or meeting with people. The remaining respondents, however, have quite the opposite view. 8.38% of them think that masks don't control the spread of the virus, while 7.69% of the people say they can't breathe in a mask. 2.23% of the respondents believe they are quite healthy and won't get sick easily, and 1.50% of the people choose their freedom over health. On the other hand, 5.74% of the respondents feel clean air will cure the virus, while 3.28% say that the coronavirus is a hoax. There exists yet another set of respondents (2.69%) who are on the fence about wearing a mask; they don?t know whether one should wear a mask or shouldn't. Looks like the entire nation is still undecided on the debate of wearing masks!