Polls Summary

Have you ever lied in your interview?
Yes. Once(23.51%)
Yes. More than once(21.27%)
No. (44.99%)
Not been to an interview yet(10.22%)
Votes: 2407 Closed on: 10-Feb-2021

Is the First Impression the Last?

Interviews are generally a make-or-break situation for people. With just one incorrect answer, all the efforts, preparation, not to mention the sleepless nights would have gone for a toss. Everyone tries to put their best foot forward; sometimes 'with their sheer confidence ' they win over the interviewer and sometimes they might lie about a thing or two to tip the scales in their favour. So, to check how many people have taken recourse to lies to clear an interview, we conducted a poll with 2,407 respondents. For most of the respondents (44.99%) honesty is the best policy as they have never fabricated facts for questions they didn't know. 23.51% say they have lied only once while 21.27% have been dishonest quite a few times. 10.22% of the respondents, however, have never faced this dilemma as they haven't been to an interview yet. Whatever be the case ' the objective for all seems to be the same: to clear the interview with flying colours.